Question:   How long does it take to build a sunroom?

Answer:    Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question, because we do rely on third parties for several stages of building your room; getting the permit, inspections, and even getting the materials to build your room. Other factors such as weather, how many customers are ahead of you, or the level of difficulty of building your room can also play factors.

Question:   How much does it cost to build a sunroom?

Answer:     This also depends on an array of different factors.  The dimensions of the room, the type of foundation, the amount of glass used, the complexity of the job, etc.  Seeing as we offer free in-home estimates, it's always best to just call us at:  734-769-9700 to set an appointment, so that you can get an exact cost.

Question:   Why should I choose Four Seasons Sunrooms, Kitchen & Bath over another sunroom builder?

Answer:   Simply put, Four Seasons is the #1 sunroom builder in the nation for a reason.  Our warranties, quality of our glass, customer service and experience make us the first choice for homeowners time and again.  Our family-owned and operated franchise has been in business since 1989.  When you're looking for the experts, make sure you at least give us a chance to provide you an estimate.  We encourage that you shop around, because we stand behind our products, and know you will find us to be the best  choice.

Question:   What kind of sunrooms are available?

Answer:    There are an array of different sunroom styles to choose from, each of which lets you customize the look and feel you are seeking.  Whether you want a conservatory-style room, with a glass roof, or a cathedral, curved or flat roof sunroom, we will work with you to build you the sunroom of your dreams.  Below are some examples of the different types of sunroom options available.  (Click to enlarge)

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